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June 12, 2024

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Caitlyn and Andrew have been together for quite a while before they got engaged back in 2022, the engagement was during a beautiful sunrise at the beach and both of them radiates true love and happiness. They knew back then that what they wanted was a Destination Wedding to celebrate their love with their closest friends and family and Caitlyn started doing her research about Destination Wedding planners. Caitlyn found me through Wedding Wire when I was a recent graduate of Destination Wedding University, and thank the universe & wedding wire for showcasing my business page to Caitlyn and Andrew.

During our initial consultation in 2022, Caitlyn mentioned that she has been interviewing with two other agents and was looking for the “one” that they best vibe with. Lucky me, I was the one! They mentioned that their wedding date won’t be until 2024 but they wanted to start the process early, to prepare their guests and not give them sticker shock about their plans of Destination Wedding. As their Destination Wedding planner, I was eager to assist them in their plans of having a Destination Wedding in Mexico.

The main vision was a Garden Venue, semi-private, and all-inclusive. I remember one of the options the couple asked me about was Sandos Caracol, however with my guidance and after weighing the pros and cons of that resort, I proposed them to have their Destination Wedding at Secrets Akumal. The Arch Venue for the Ceremony and the Akumal Plaza for the reception is the perfect match for their vision. They want it under the stars, but don’t want it to be toes in the sand wedding and this is why a Destination Wedding at Secrets Akumal is a perfect resort for them.

Real Wedding Q&A with Caitlyn & Andrew

  • ¬†What made you choose the destination and the venue for your wedding?

We chose this destination after much deliberation of what we wanted our wedding to look like. Carol helped tremendously in hearing what our vision was and the things we didn’t like about specific venues. We then researched secrets akumal and found virtually zero bad reviews and that helped us to select this place!

  • What was in destination that surprised you the most?

I think what surprised me most was how well organized and spread out the different aspects of the hotel. There was seriously something for every age group and every activity level. The staff was also surprising, every single person was kind and delivered expert service.

  • Did you “splurge” on something travel or wedding related and was it worth it?

Yes! The live music at the welcome party and cocktail hours was a splurge! I would not recommend the Caribbean trio that we had for the welcome party but I would recommend the saxophonist! All of the guests remember the live music and we wanted to be sure to give them a memorable experience!

  • Did you attempt on “saving” something travel or wedding related?

YES! Everything that we brought with us in our carry ons was a savings. We spent about $400 total in bags and then import tax, but it was so worth it because it saved us thousands through going through the resort. And it gave me a small sense of control in knowing exactly what the decor looked like. items we brought include: custom cocktail napkins, glitter for drinks, neon sign, letters for guests, ceremony fans, box to hold fans, audio guest book and sign, tattoo bar, memorial candle (which we left!), welcome and ceremony signs, welcome bag items, electric fans for bridal party (got them for like a dollar a piece on Temu and they were used ALL weekend long!), shirts for shirt toss, dance floor props (glow sticks/blow up mics), reserved chair signs, bar signs, bar flags, flags for in front of us, and cake toppers. I think this is everything.

  • If there is anything that you can change in planning your wedding and what could it be? (venue, location, etc)

I would change the music for the welcome party and the communication with the wedding coordinators prior to arrival. Other than those two things I cannot of anything else.

  • What was one thing that stand out the most during your wedding day? (Relieve the best memories you had!)

How serene the bridal suite in the spa is. Without the calming of that place I would have been a nervous wreck. The celebration among friends, the food, and plaza in itself.

  • Any feedback from the guests that stands out the most?

They all said the details were amazing and beautiful and they felt surrounded by us even if we weren’t right there with them.

  • If you are to give an advice for any of the wedding couple going through the same process, what is the number one advice you would give?

Breathe. Just breathe and trust that it will be okay. Do what you can on your end and let the professionals handle the rest. You hired them for a reason.

  • In what ways did CC Vacations make this less stressful for you?

HAHA IN EVERY ASPECT. From start to finish Carol acted as our go between in all communication, answered all of our guests’ questions, continued to help and answer them throughout the weekend, calmed us in moments of stress and worry, took her time in explaining confusing things. I could go on and on about how Carol is worth her weight in gold. The trip plan app is amazing and that was a 10/10 product that our guests raved about as well!

  • Is there anything that I could have done better or different?

The only feedback we received from guests that was negative was the number of emails they received. Some said it was hard to find the important information due to all of the other emails. On the other head other guests chimed in and said no- they appreciated that aspect the most!

Photographer: Riann Hassell

Travel Advisor: Carol Carrillo | CC Vacations

Resort: Secrets Akumal Riviera Maya

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Discover the Ultimate Destination Wedding Secrets and Travel Insights Await You Here! Stay Ahead with Exclusive Updates and Tips.

I'm Carol Carrillo

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Discover the Ultimate Destination Wedding Secrets and Travel Insights Await You Here! Stay Ahead with Exclusive Updates and Tips.

I'm Carol Carrillo

Hey there!