Searching For The Perfect Honeymoon Resort? 10 Must-Haves to Look For!

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March 5, 2024

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Imagine waking up in your luxury honeymoon suite. The sun is rising, and you feel the soft caress of a tropical breeze through your veranda. You get up early to walk the beach, hand in hand with the one you love, surrounded by the beauty of a pristine paradise. This is the essence of a honeymoon – a time to relax, reconnect, and celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in the most romantic way possible. Join us as we uncover the ten secrets to finding the best honeymoon resort with memories that will last a lifetime.

Not all resorts are created equal…

Not all honeymoon resorts are created equal when crafting the ideal honeymoon experience, and that’s where my expertise as honeymoon travel specialists comes into play. Here’s a glimpse into what I believe makes a resort worthy of being called a honeymoon haven:

1. Serene Seclusion

When choosing a honeymoon resort, you want to look for adult-only areas or offer a more private feel. Such as cozy nooks, private villas, and “VIP” or “Club” access that allows you and your new spouse to have a more secluded experience. As a honeymoon travel agent, I recommend that you book your honeymoon at an adult-only resort where you have more of these types of options.

2. White Glove Service

Sandals Royal Caribbean Butler Service

Romance flourishes in intimate, relaxed settings where your chosen resort makes everything feel tailor-made for two with personalized service to create an atmosphere that encourages relaxation and
pampering. Remember, this isn’t any old vacation; this is your honeymoon! Make sure the resort you choose has higher levels of service available, like 24-hour room service, concierge, butler, or even an app you can download to communicate with staff when you need them.

3. Breathtaking Views

Every love story deserves a backdrop of breathtaking beauty. Whether it’s a pristine beach, a majestic emerald mountain range, or a dazzling ocean, the view from the resort should take your breath away. This is why it is also imperative to book a room category that has a view that you truly want, remember an ocean view room is far different than an oceanfront room.

4. Luxury in Every Detail

Now is the perfect time to splurge on resorts that redefine luxury at every turn. From lavish linens to exquisite dining experiences, every detail should be designed to pamper and delight. Depending on your budget, some 4-star resorts will have a decent amount of luxury touches, but I recommend you book a
5-star resort to guarantee it. Again, this is your honeymoon, not just a weekend in the city.

5. Amazing Suites

Unlike other vacations, where you may not be in your room much, this is your honeymoon… need I say more? Look for honeymoon resorts with private pools in some suites and romantic touches like jacuzzi tubs, canopy beds, a secret box, a private shower with no roof to view the sky, and breathtaking views. The gallery above is one of my favorite resort room I stayed at ever at Secrets Moxche. The views, the outdoor jacuzzi, and the shower that opens up to a view of the ocean and the resort – nothing screams romance than this! Here is a video walk-thru that I uploaded in my instagram for this room: Secrets Moxche Room Tour

6. Culinary Delights

If you’re a foodie, you’ll want to choose a resort that offers a good variety of ala cart dining options. Don’t get me wrong, buffets have their place, especially breakfast buffets, but the rest of the time, you’ll want to treat yourself to different culinary experiences. Except when you’re getting room service, of course! 😉

7. Spa Retreats

couples massage on a honeymoon resort

After the whirlwind of wedding preparations, couples crave relaxation and rejuvenation. Choose resorts with world-class spas offering indulgent treatments to soothe the soul, nourish the spirit, and relax your muscles. Many resorts have excellent spas. The luxury resorts will give you the best spa experience. Save a day out of your honeymoon to book a couple’s massage, trust me if you have not done it before with your partner it is a great experience to have together.

8. Fun & Romantic Activities

Deepen your bond and create new memories by doing fun and romantic activities together during your honeymoon. Choose a resort with enchanting activities such as snorkeling, horseback riding, sunset cruises, paddle boarding, and even visiting secluded beaches. Most resorts will have some of these activities on-site, but should also give you the ability to book an off-site excursion. Most of my Hawaii Honeymoon clients loves to go on a sunset cruise or helicopter tours, for my Caribbean Honeymooners they mostly love to go zip lining or snorkeling, and for my Mexico Honeymooners most of them love to experience the cenotes & mayan ruins in Riviera Maya.

9. Honeymoon Packages

You deserve to feel like royalty with specialized honeymoon resort packages that add an extra layer of romance and richness to your stay. From room decorations to complimentary experiences such as a candlelight dinner or breakfast in bed, these thoughtful touches will make your honeymoon unforgettable. Did you know that there are resorts that will truly make you feel special during your honeymoon? I usually request for honeymoon amenities for my couples & some partner resorts I work with will go above and beyond in taking care of you.

10. Reputation & Reviews

Last but not least, trust in the wisdom of fellow honeymooners. Seek out resorts with glowing reviews and testimonials from couples who have experienced the magic firsthand. With this advice in mind, look for consistency in the reviews. If you are seeing bad reviews about food or the restaurants, that is consistent and you know there may be a real issue with the food or the service. Still, if you only see one or two complaints with a majority of compliments, it’s probably not a big deal so take that with a grain of salt.

Your honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime. Booking the best honeymoon resort for you and your spouse will make all the difference. The possibilities for crafting the perfect romantic getaway are endless, from secluded beachfront retreats to luxurious jungle hideaways. 🌴💕

If you want help discovering the best honeymoon resort, please schedule a complimentary consultation with me today. As a honeymoon travel agent, I will use my expertise in crafting unforgettable honeymoons to guide you towards your perfect honeymoon destination and resort. Ready to begin your journey? Schedule a complimentary consultation with us today, and let’s start planning the honeymoon of your dreams!

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Discover the Ultimate Destination Wedding Secrets and Travel Insights Await You Here! Stay Ahead with Exclusive Updates and Tips.

I'm Carol Carrillo

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Discover the Ultimate Destination Wedding Secrets and Travel Insights Await You Here! Stay Ahead with Exclusive Updates and Tips.

I'm Carol Carrillo

Hey there!