Wedding Dreams Come True: Your Essential Guide to Finding the Best Resort for your Destination Wedding

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March 8, 2024

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Hey there future destination wedding bride, are you ready to start your journey to “happily ever after” with a tropical twist? Planning a destination wedding is not just about the big day – it also involves crafting an unforgettable experience for you & your loved ones in paradise.

As a seasoned destination wedding travel agent, one most common phrases I get from Destination Wedding Clients is “This is our dream wedding in paradise”. I have seen it firsthand the magic that unfolds when couples find the perfect resort to host their celebration. The right resort WILL make all the difference!

So here are the ten things you should consider when choosing the best resort for your destination wedding in the Caribbean & Mexico:

So, where is the best place to host your destination wedding?

Choosing the perfect resort to host your wedding is a huge decision, but do not be afraid! I got you! Let’s dive into 10 things that you should look for in a resort to have a perfect Destination Wedding in paradise:

1. Comprehensive Wedding Packages

Resorts that offer wedding packages that bundle your vendor services makes your life so much easier. Each resort will have their preferred vendors for each services and a comprehensive wedding package should have everything that you will need for your dream wedding. Packages should include your ceremony venues, reception venues, and vendors for flowers, makeup, DJ & Lighting packages, and photography. Photographers & videographers are mostly a personal choice from the couple, but you are still able to bring them as well – there are resorts that will waive the vendor fee if staying within the group rate or if you are hiring one that is local but not part of the preferred vendors of the resort, expect to pay a vendor fee for each services.

2. Diverse & Stunning Ceremony Locations

Choosing a resort with various ceremony locations that offer different views will allow you to spice up your wedding with breathtaking venue choices! Whether you are looking for a toes in sand wedding with a beautiful beach backdrop, a rooftop wedding overlooking the ocean, or an intimate garden celebration, having these options let’s you create the wedding of your dreams. Add as well a Bridal Suite to take amazing getting ready photos will seal the deal.

3. Dedicated Wedding Team

The Wedding Team at Dreams Macao During our Site Visit

Resorts with a dedicated onsite wedding team are the best way to say goodbye to stress! A dedicated wedding team means that certain employees only work on weddings, they will be by your side to handle any remaining details and logistics so you can focus on what truly matters – enjoying your big day! Here is one of my bride dancing with her wedding coordinator at Dreams Macao – watch my stories here.

If you are on the early stages of planning & your wedding planner at the resort does not reply to your emails quickly, don’t fret! They have a specific timeline & will usually start planning the details 6 months prior to your wedding date, when I work with my clients I usually handle the pre-planning stages by having them prepare their pinterest vision board and sending them the resort collaterals so they have idea of the costs of the flowers, extras, etc.

4. Group Friendly Accommodations

When choosing a destination wedding resort, you will want to ensure that the resort offers something for everyone. From cozy suites to family-friendly rooms. If kids will be at your destination wedding, it is ideal if the resort will have a kids club or daily activities for the kids. For adults only destination wedding, find one that will offer options for king bed & two beds for friends sharing a room. When you work with a destination wedding travel advisor, we will discuss these room requirements prior to requesting the room categories to block for your destination wedding.

5. Inclusive Amenities & Activities

Find a resort that can keep the fun going for your group with inclusive amenities and activities! Spa days with the girls, a group excursion with your bridal party, themed events for your welcome party can make your wedding week celebration more unforgettable. What I always tell my clients, it is all about the memories that you will make during your wedding!

6. Accessibility & Logistics

Ideally it is best to choose a resort where you & your guests travel no longer than 45 minutes after landing. You want them to get to the resort as quickly as possible to give them maximum time to relax & enjoy their time at your wedcation. This will help make a travel breeze for your guests, easy access to airports and a straightforward logistics will ensure everyone arrives with a smile. Part of my services to my Destination Wedding couples are included transfers for their room booking, I make it easy where the couple and the guests won’t have to worry about transfer logistics when they arrive for a destination wedding.

7. Reputation & Reviews

Do your homework and read those reviews! Positive testimonials are a surefire way you are in a good hands. With that said, it is impossible to make everyone happy, so keep that in the back of your mind when you are looking at the reviews. Facebook wedding groups are one way to get reviews but keep in mind that is also mix with different information – if in doubt consult with your travel advisor!

8. Customization Options

One of the critical factors that can set one resort apart from others that you maybe considering is the ability to customize your wedding package. Packages are great, but with the ability to make it uniquely yours will even be better. Let your style & personality shine through in every detail, whether a particular theme or a personalized menu.

9. Weather Considerations

Ahhhh… don’t let Mother Nature rain on your parade! A good back up plan and indoor options will ensure your day goes off without a hitch. The resort you choose should have a quality backup contingencies for bad weather that will still give you the beauty and elegance you hope for your destination wedding! The photos above is back up plan coordinated by the wedding coordinators of Secrets Moxche.

10. Offers Great Value

A great value does not mean the cheapest! You are looking for a resort that offers many great options and quality for money. Your wedding is an investment, but you still want to have great value and quality for your wedding. Let’s make your dream wedding a quality investment! Look for a resort that offers value for money without skimping on quality.

Bonus tip: Work with a resort that does not schedule a lot of weddings daily

As a destination wedding travel agent, I always prefer to book my clients at resorts that only do at least 1-2 weddings a day. I prefer not to work with wedding factories resorts that holds up to 5 weddings a day, your wedding day should be a priority and with smaller weddings that ensures that the entire resort wedding staff will be focused on your big day only!

Finding the best resort for your destination wedding will ensure that your wedding will be celebrated the way that you’ve always dreamed of, surrounded by all your closest family and friends! Whether you dreamed of dancing the night away under the stars or exchanging vows on a pristine beach, the right resort will make all the difference. You will want to have an ideal experience not only for you, but your guests as well.

If you are feeling stuck & overwhelmed with thousands of choices on the internet, and you would rather have all your destination wedding all figured out – then I encourage you to use this link to schedule your free 1hr destination wedding strategy call with me today! Let’s see if we can get your destination wedding figured out so that you can focus on your BIG DAY instead of stressing about it! Save your spot by clicking in the link below:

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Discover the Ultimate Destination Wedding Secrets and Travel Insights Await You Here! Stay Ahead with Exclusive Updates and Tips.

I'm Carol Carrillo

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Discover the Ultimate Destination Wedding Secrets and Travel Insights Await You Here! Stay Ahead with Exclusive Updates and Tips.

I'm Carol Carrillo

Hey there!